20 Random Things I lLove

To go along with 20 things I hate,  I give you 20 Things I Love: Sunsets. The 4 pm breeze that kicks up almost everywhere. Steak. Broiled rare, hot and salty on the surface, cool and juicy inside. Raiku pottery. Lamb chops seasoned with lots of garlic. My dogs. The warmth of the sun. Baseball.… Continue reading 20 Random Things I lLove

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Addition through Subtraction

This month I’m participating in The Subtraction Project, a method of creating space in our lives by clearing out the things that don’t add to my life.  We started Wednesday, but I wasn’t quite feeling it. Our first assignment was to go through our shoes and delete those shoes that we just don’t love. Shoes we… Continue reading Addition through Subtraction


Lets get pinning

I used to organize my online saved websites by using Delicious. I learned about using it from Elise Bauer who saved every recipe from her very successful Simple Recipes blog in Delicious. However, about 8 years ago I ran into a problem with my Yahoo login, and haven’t been able to get back into my… Continue reading Lets get pinning

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9/30 Yellow

I can’t say that yellow is my favorite color. I don’t wear it, nor do I decorate it. The yellow car I owned was truly a lemon.  But yellow is a useful color if you’re an artist or crafter. While dyeing, mix a lemon yellow with a deep purple and and you get a gorgeous… Continue reading 9/30 Yellow

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6/30 SLEEP

Last night was a long night!  It’s normal for me to toss and turn, dozing and waking for several hours before finally dropping into a deep sleep. Last night things got a lot worse Imagine that you are relaxing and just about to slip into sleep when WHAM! Suddenly you have pain and tingling and a… Continue reading 6/30 SLEEP