Sometimes, I’m….

Sometimes I’m a bit of an air head:

I was just sitting here sipping from my cuppa coffee, when I got to search the house for my coffee cup. Totally befuddled as to where it could be….

Sometimes I’m a bit creative:

2015-01-05 14.55.26

I’m currently making a new sweater for a baby friend of mine. He’s 4 month old and about to outgrow the cute sweater I made for him before he was born.  The new one is easy, but a bit fussy to make. You provisionally cast on stitches that represent a place on the sweater front just inside the right shoulder. You stitch along, and knit a provisional space for the sleeve, knit the back, provisionally place the second sleeve, and knit to the same spot on the left front.
I’m currently finishing up the 2nd sleeve.

After this, I’ll pick up the provisional stitches along the front sides (those grayish lines along the front), add a bunch more provisional stitches between them and knit the front half the hood/remainder of the fronts of the sweater. Then pick up the provisional hood stitches and finish that off.

All this provisional stuff is fussy, but the actual making of the sweater is so frakkin easy that I’m enjoying the process anyway.  However, since it’s all garter stitch, it’s boring as hell. If the football games don’t improve next weekend to distract me, this might be finished as soon as I hope it is.

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