Last night, in the book I’m currently reading (Kim Stanley Robinson’s 2312), a character talked about the daily habits we establish while travelling. We choose to live a repetitive to build structure into what is often structureless time:

1. Eat at the same time and often same places.
2. Sleep at the same time.
3. Do similar things (visit museums, lie on the beach, read a book, take a nap, see a show).

The character (Wahram)  thought imposing these habits on free time kept us from drifting meaninglessly through time and space.

…habits were not truly iterative, but pseudoiterative. The pattern of the day might be the same, in other words, but the individual events fulfilling the pattern were always a little bit different. Thus there was both pattern and surprise, and this was Wahram’s desired state: to live in a pseudoiterative.

Such it has been with my own life -except lately. In the past several years, I have truly drifted without a focus. The only habitual requirement is to rise, to go to the gym, to watch programs at night and sports whenever it’s on, and to sleep.

There is danger in this anchor-less life. Drifting without meaning. Living without leaving any impact on the earth.

I’ve finally hit the spot where drifting is uncomfortable enough that it has to change. I need to find a focus for my life and an anchor–or maybe a touchstone?  A way to make the day hold meaning.

That, in part, is what the planning and organizing my day is about: developing a sharper focus on my life. What really holds meaning for me that I will stay fast against?

I’m working on defining this. And I’m getting excited about the prospect.

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