Day Baseball

One of my favorite treats is spending a weekday afternoon at a ball game. I drove down to BART and rode the train to the game. It is BY FAR the best way to get to a game! 

Today’s game started at 12:35 pm and I slid into my right field bleacher seat just at the call of Play Ball! Many school children were enjoying the game, too. The excited cheers made me happy.

I picked up a fresh lid on the BART bridge because who can resist the call of “FI DOLLAH HAT!”? Not me!

They race three former stars around the stadium: Dennis Eckersley, Rickey Henderson, and Rollie Fingers. 

The right field bleachers where I sat have a number of traditions:

  • Waving their flags In rhythms to the music
  • Chanting “Oakland We Love You” poem after each run scored.
  • Chanting “we believe in Stephen Vogt!” When he comes up to bat.
  • Head banging to walk out songs for relievers. 

Made the whole day a lot more fun! 

After several exciting innings, and a back and forth score, the As lost 9-8.

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