Return To Normal

I returned late yesterday from spending several days in Carmel, Ca. at a blogging retreat. (I’ll be writing up points from this trip in the next few weeks. In the meantime, enjoy this little collage from the trip.) Today, then is involved in all the putting my life back to normal. 

  • Making a new batch of kefir water. Coconut water and kefir grains are going to stew together the rest of the day, making a slightly sweet, rather nutty tasting drink. This kefir is one of my go-to afternoon drinks. The taste is satisfying, it provides probiotics and pre-biotics, and it helps me wean away from more caffeine.
  • And a batch of hibiscus/green tea sun tea. I’ll be taking advantage of the sunlight and warm weather to brew this. My doctor recommended this combo to help control my blood pressure. Again, tasty with no caffeine! And such a brilliant color red!
  • Mail, laundry, dishes, unpacking!
  • Dog cuddles.
  • TIVO! Meanwhile, in the background the shows I missed while I was gone are playing in the background. 

I’m packing this all in planning to finished before the Warriors game tonight. 

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