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Healing My Metabolism

I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that I’ve been following a protocol to heal my totally broken metabolism. A too-long period of under-eating and over-exercising left me broken, exhausted, fat, and prone to injury. I was binging, crashing, and feeling old.

I started reading from a number of sources: Matt Stone,  Jade Teta, and several others who popped up in my searches and readings. I took notes. I compared comments and plans from one to the others. And I came up with a plan to make myself healthy again.

First thing first: Check my temperature, heart rate and blood pressure each morning. (and several times a day). My goal is:

  • Body temperature back near 98.6 upon rising, and higher in the evening. Currently it’s more like 97.2 in the morning, and never gets higher than 97.8. Sign of a slowed and damaged metabolism.
  • I’m on meds that control my heart rate, so I need it to stay in the 60-70 rate when resting.
  • Blood pressure at or below 130/85 in the morning and whenever else I check it throughout day.

Secondly, prioritize rest.

  • Sleep 8-10 hours a day. Try to get to bed by 10 pm. and sleep to 8 am. Or nap.
  • Get horizontal for 30 minutes or more in the afternoons. I’ve found doing this by meditating (or napping) keeps the blood pressure down and just does good things for my brain.

Third, don’t push the exercise hard.

  • I can lift 3-4 times a week for about an hour. That strength training is one set, then resting until my heart rate returns to a normal range.  If a set of 12, 10, 8, or 1 raises my heart rate to 100 or higher, it can take 3-5 minutes for this to happen. So I’m lifting slowly, looking to maintain my strength instead of building it.
  • Cardio is basically walking the dog. No steady state cardio where my heart rate goes up.
  • Yoga stretching, massage, epsom salt baths.


Eat enough to support my activity and raise my body temperature, which means protein, healthy fats, vegetables and some sugar and salt. Occasional treats.

So far I’ve lost about 7.5 pounds. I see the biggest changes when I don’t push things. As I progress my recovery time will shorten signalling that things are healing and getting better. It should take 3 months to start seeing changes, and 12 months to completely recover.

It’s kind of strange… losing weight by sleeping and not working hard. But what I’ve read this should work!

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