Deadlift Tuesday

After the holiday weekend, I needed to feel some weight move! I was lucky and could set up a bar on the floor to work on deadlifts.

When I broke my hand last summer, I missed deadlines fits so much! They are the best single functional exercise you can do. Every day we are picking things up and putting them down;training that movement makes it easier and more efficient while eliminating poor mechanics.

I do a 4 week cycle on my four major lifts, increasing the weight but decreasing the reps. This week after my warm-up, sets of 3. Cranked them out as shown in the photo above.

Tweaked the tendinitis in my left hand during the last set. I am SO UTTERLY FRUSTRATED that after 4 months of healing, 10 weeks of PT, and continued therapy on my own I still have trouble with this hand! It was a frakkin’ broken finger!

I’m wearing my life saving SalonPas that helps calm down the tendinitis in my hand. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll save my hand and hit the pool.

(BTW, Warriors guard Steph Curry has worked on his deadlifts to strengthen his core and limit damage to his ankles. He’s lifting 400!)

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