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Visiting Carmel

Scenes in Carmel
Several weeks ago I joined others bloggers on a visit to the enchanting coastal town of Carmel to explore the town and surroundings as part of #LlBlogNotAConf.
I felt this was a perfect town for me to see as it exemplifies some of the qualities of a get-away town for seniors. Carmel is one square mile tucked along the ocean, where you are invited to walk wherever you wish to go. There are no chain restaurants, so you can explore regional foods and wines in small, personal establishments. And there are enough quirky shops to stop into to satisfy the most hard-core browser. 

One thing, though: forget your high-heels. Anything over 2.5″ is illegal without a special dispensation from the mayor. 


I signed into our hotel for the night, the charming Hofsas House. Forty rooms tucked into a hillside, each uniquely decorated and appointed. My room had a wood-burning stove, 2 queen-sized beds, a small kitchenette, and an antique conversation couch. (I thought of it as a courting couch- talk but not touch!)   A bottle of local red wine, some cheese and water crackers greeted me. 

Each room’s entrance door is a charming Dutch door; it encourages leaving the top of the door open to visit with friends and other visitors in the hotel. Or simply enjoy a refreshing through-breeze. I slept the sleep of angels that night! 

I had two lunches while in Carmel, both at Carmel Bell. Responsibly sourced proteins and produce, prepared simply with respect for the ingredients means that everything you try here is delicious. (Responsibly sourced is my JAM!) If you just need a little something, my gluten-free muffin, coffee, and on-site-made almond milk were divine! 

A Little Something

When you’re not eating or sleeping, what can you DO while staying in Carmel? 

  • There is an easy walk to the beach where you seek sea life in the tidal pools. Recently, the city council has allowed fires on the beach again but only on weekends.
  • There are 14 wine taste rooms in Carmel-by-the Sea, highlighting some of the locally grown wines. A Wine-pass program offers tickets to get small flights at these rooms..
  • The Mazda Laguna Raceway is close by. Choose to visit when a Formula 1 race is being held, or, if it’s your fantasy, sign up for Allen Berg racing school and learn how to drive a race car yourself!
  • Every September, you can enjoy the Monterey Jazz Festival, the longest running such music festival in the country.
  • Monterey, with it’s aquarium and Cannery Row, is just minutes north on highway 1, while Big Sur is 45 minutes south.
  • Don’t forget 17 Mile Drive!

If the cool, foggy weather gets to you, a simple drive into Carmel valley gets you sun and possibly heat and even more wine tasting!

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