Spent a good hour in the gym this morning. 

After foam rolling and a dynamic warm up, I lasted myself in the squat rack to get some work done. 

  1. Overhead presses with the bare bar. These wake up the entire posterior chain, getting the back ready for some squats. 
  2. Good mornings. I LOVE THIS EXERCISE. The straight leg waiter’s bend with 65# on my back warm up the hip hinge, strengthen the hamstrings, and wake up the gluteus Maximus. 
  3. A pyramid of squats. It’s been several weeks since I squatted, so I concentrated on light weight and volume. My starting weight works at 65#. So the pyramid looked like: 12/65#, 10/75#, 8/85, 5/95#. 

Unfortunately, it felt like I wasn’t breaking parallel with the top weight, so I’ll be sticking close to this weight next weight. Squats are my most most challenging lift. I used to love them before my hip replacement, but haven’t lovingly embraced them since. Still, they are a great strong exercise. Adding in some Bulgarian split squats may help me get more stable so I can deal with these better in the future. 

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