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Revisiting The Path Community

I walked two miles this morning on our Community path.  It’s a nice paved path that runs up a valley, lined with open space and trees. If you walked the entire thing, it’s about 5 miles up and back from the town park at its base to the top and back again. Most people, though, walk just part of it before turning around.  There are parking spots about every half mile, which makes it easy to do so. 

Years ago I wrote about the community of the path; I was thinking about it again today. For we older community members, the actions still are practiced. Both the “Good Morning,” and the “Have a good day.” The younger society members, those who look like they’re in high school or college, appear uncomfortable with the idea. I’m not sure if they wish to be ignored, or don’t want to acknowledge others. Curious.

One father in his early twenties, pushing an infant in a buggy, seemed to feel reluctant. Yet, after passing him the second time and time and calling out the “Good day.” brightened and called back a cheerful “You, too!” 

Will he learn? Or try to keep his walking time wrapped in his own head? I wonder. 

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