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Healing Slowly

I have been practicing a metabolic healing protocol for about 2 months now. I’ve pulled from several sources, so I can’t really provide a link or a lot of the supportive data in one place.

Instead, let me explain that I lost weight post-menopause by restricting my calories below my basal metabolic rate which works for while but not long. After a year, I would start binging after a hard workout; my body was screaming for calories.

I gained back what I lost, then when injured added another 20#. I have held steady at 182 for about four years. 

Now I’m exhausted all the time. And making changes. The standard recommendation for me is to do a lot less. Let my heart rate be the guide: don’t let it raise for much more than a minute.

 NO cardio. Weight train 2-4 times a week, but rest between sets for the heart rate to recover. Restorative yoga. Massages. And lots of sleep. 

Eat plenty of veg, protein, fat. Limit the grains, get some fruit. Fermented things daily. 

The results are showing. I’ve lost 12# in these 2 months by doing nothing. My body temp is almost half a degree higher. Things are looking up.

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