HAMILTON, The Musical

Hamilton, The Musical

HAMILTON. A reaction. After weeks of listening, I think I have my assessment of the Hamilton music down.
The First act is maybe the best singular act of a musical ever written, scored, and performed. The story is personal, broad, and historical. Lots of energy. I’m always surprised how tightly the music works, with themes intertwining and complementing each other.

  • I love the Rap Battles for congressional debates.
  • I love the Burr/sir echo.
  • I love the repeated “How does a …”lines to introduce a new challenge/success for Hamilton.
  • Love that the Schuyler sisters are strong.

I love it all
The Second act becomes more biographical, more person with the Reynolds affair, and Phillip’s death. I find myself choosing to skip songs, searching for the energy, camaraderie, woven themes from the first. It’s not that the Second Act is bad. It’s that it’s not the First. The players aren’t a group of 4 friends, they are political opponents. There are still excellent songs, but they are about leaving. It looses its energy! 
I get that my age may reject the entire experience because of the rap running throughout it, but I like some rap. I like THIS rap.

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