Winter Preview

sunny hole in stormynsky
It’s been raining all day, depositing almost an inch of fresh water on the ground.

Driving this morning was horrid; it took me a half hour to travel the 7 miles to the store to pick up a few needed things. once I got home, I decided to stay put.

I’ll be watching the MLB playoff games this weekend and knitting on a sweater for a 2 year-old. I love this pattern as it’s fun and unexpected while constructing it. It begins in the middle of the chest on one front panel. After you knit the shoulder, you knit a provisional row (that partial row in blue), the entire back, another partial provisional row, and the shoulder. Then seam the shoulders together. Remove the provisional stitches which become the arm opening. And knit the sleeves. 

brown knit rectangle  of knitting
It continues in this unexpected manner , finishing the front while starting to knit the hood. Then finishing the hood and seaming it to back. Very little seaming, interesting construction to watch, and mindless knitting. I should finish the body by Monday. 

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