Using Leftovers: Turkey and Mushroom Cheesy Risotto

A white plate with saucy rice, mushrooms and turkey bits.
Leftover yummy

Yesterday I stripped all the meat off our small turkey carcass(there are just 2 of us), then threw the bones into a crockpot with 2 quarts of water, a little salt, and scraps from celery and carrots. Set the pot to LOW and walked away. Twelve hours later, I added 2 Tbs. of organic apple cider vinegar to complete the de-mineralization of the bones. 

Today, in trying to figure out what I’d do with little leftover meat, the stock, and some of the leftover items in the fridge, I realized a friend’s suggestion of risotto was perfect! 

Mid afternoon I strained the bones from the stock. All connective tissue was dissolved and the bones were soft. Small bones dissolved into dust between my fingers. The stock was done! Dinner would be based on Food and Wine’s recipe.

A deep pot with some mushrooms and butter cooking in the bottom.
Browning mushrooms in butter

An hour before I planned to eat, I began. First, I thinly sliced mushrooms and browned them in some butter, then added the turkey pieces to warm them through. This was then set aside for later.

Next I cooked chopped onion until translucent, then added the rice and cooked it until the rice turned opaque. A 1/2 cup of white wine went in until it was fully absorbed. Then I added a ladle-ful of the warm stock stirring until it was fully absorbed. More stock, more stirring. 

This continued until the rice was fully cooked but a little toothsome. The small amount of remaining stock was thickening nicely. I added the turkey and mushrooms back, then stirred some shredded cheese in. Spooned the mixture onto a lipped plate and served. 


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