Meet The Current Kids

Two black and white dogs sling on a chair, staring into camera. We have no human off-spring, but my life is pretty consumed by a couple “kids” of the canine persuasion. 

We rescued Jake (the yawning dog on the left)  from a backyard when he was 14 months old. His first family was moving to Africa, the kids were going to boarding schools in Europe. He had no place to go. He’d been kept in a backyard mainly alone, where he was destructive, unsocialized, overweight, and poorly conditioned. The last is perhaps the worst thing for a pure-bred Border Collie. Within minutes of coming home, he found a basketball; these have been his passion ever since. 

A couple years later, Jake developed an auto-immune condition where his body attacked his corneas. Twice this lead to infections and small holes in his eyes that resulted in surgeries to save his vision. He has maybe 30-40% vision, and gets eye drops twice a day. At Almost 15, he’s slowing down, getting stiff, and becoming harder of hearing. But he cuddles like a pro! 
Four years ago we were looking to rescue another dog. Allie was a 10 month old puppy who had been rescued from the side of a freeway. She was 20# underweight and suffered from an eye condition. Had apparently been on her own for 4-6 months. We don’t know if she escaped a backyard or was dumped because of her eyes. 

It turns out that Allie has dry eyes; her right never making any tears, her left about half of normal. She requires 3 medications 3-4 times a day. This economic and time demand meant she was almost unadoptable. Fortunately for her, I didn’t work outside the house. And we can absorb the expense of her meds and  vet visits. We were her best hope for a permanent home. 

She has adapted well. Spends lots of time close to her big brother, visits seniors in a home every other week, and acting as my shadow. Both are worth the demands, time, and extra needs. 

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