Walking stronger

Sets of Dumbbells and plate weights.

From Thanksgiving until New Years day, I am devoting my workouts to building cardio endurance by doing workouts of weighted carries and occassional walking pool workouts.

Ive started with a pair of 12# dumbbells and a set of 25# plate weights. I find these on these on the gym floor and carry them down to just outside the basketball court. Then I begin my workout:

    -two dumbbells in farmer’s carries around the entire perimeter of the basketball court. (300′)
    -one weight plate in suitcase carries half way around the basketball court. switch, finish. (300′)
    -one weight plate as a chest/hug carry around the court. (300′).
    -one db in a waiter’s carry half way around the court. (300′).
    -one db in a chest press carry (press up/lower to chest each left foot step).

Rest 30 seconds between parts,rest for one minute afterward.  repeat 2times. Each trip around the court takes just over a minute, so each full round is 10 minutes. Fast and dirty and on my way. 

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