Weather. (2/31 #5minutefreewrite)

Sun setting in a cloudy sky over a hill.

My reaction to west her seems to get more noticeable as my age. 

As a child, I might notice it’s hot or cold. Pouring rain, blizzarding, blowing like a hurricane. But the weather never seemed to effect me. I went about playing, studying, doing chores regardless.

As a younger adult, I started noticing humidity as an uncomfortable occurrence in the summer, and dry air as a limit to feeling warm and comfortable in the winter. 

Now? I dislike temperatures over about 80, much preferring 65 to hot weather. I don’t want it much cooler either. Give me temps from 55-75. I’m becoming a hothouse plant! 

I’ve also noticed the quality of daylight is important. Growing up in Cleveland, I lived with overcast skies non-stop from October to April. I barely noticed. I knew if it was bright or dark, but wasn’t bothered by the clouds. Now, the days when we have cloudy dark days I can’t get anything done. I hide on my chair under a quilt. As soon as the sun comes out, I perk up and brighten tremendously!

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