Yes. (#4/31 #5minutefreewrite)

Paper whites blooming off-season
I missed yesterday. The Prompt was mother. Growing up with a narcissistic mother I really don’t want to talk about her. Look at Trump. Another narcissist. Enough said. 

Yes, however, I can work with! I am trying to embrace the notion of Yes in my life daily. Call me to join you for lunch? Unless I have another appointment, the answer will be yes. Take a trip with you? Hell Yes! 

There is this habit as we get older to draw our boundaries in. Do what we do every day. Come up with excuses: I’d love to join you, but I have to do my laundry, wash my hair, catch “my show.” I’m fighting that collapsing world as much as I can. My problem is that often I don’t get the invites. I need to push and press and work to get a YES from others. 

The picture above are paper whites that someone planted outside. I saw them on my walk this past week, blooming like it was normal. Unaware that this is the wrong season for them to appear. They are epitomizing the idea of YES.

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