Day 9/31 #5MinuteFreewrite

Shuttered narrow window in stuccoed 2nd story wall.

Strange thing, windows. Useful in houses for letting in light, they serve alternate uses. Walking by in the evenings, they give a glimpse into the life inside. We believe we can make assumptions about the people based on what we see. 

We forget that it’s a moment in time, almost frozen. 

There are other times we admit that windows are brief openings in time in which we can take advantage of something. Each space flight was dependants upon a small window where weather, time, rotation, and perhaps our location in association with the moon had to be taken into account for a successful flight. I hope I learn more about this when I catch the story of the women mathematicians at NASA. 

I find myself pausing pausing and thinking about windows more than writing. I may have found a topic I need to develop more. 

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