Day 10/31 #5MinuteFreeWrite

Details of a stump with various colors, shapes and textures

An odd word, no. I am so focused on saying yes to things, that I also spend time noticing when I feel compelled to say no. What causes that impulse to take over? 

Sometimes it’s a sense of “not safe” which is different than dangerous. It might be a concern about reactions of people, or an assault on my senses that I will not appreciate. Because of both acknowledging noise and feelings of otherness, I said no to spending Christmas at a friend’s house. 

Sometimes, it’s an expectation of some discomfort. A group of friends are spending a weekend away this spring. I know the spot. Most will spend the weekend indoors quite comfortably. But those of us who like to get outside, walk, maybe explore, the location is far less than ideal. As I anticipate feeling trapped, I chose to make other plans for that weekend and say no. 

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