Life with a senior dog. Jake is 14.

This morning Jake woke me up by whining and wiggling into my legs. I reached down to  pet him and he moved his muzzle back and forth, up and down against my hand. 

Yes. My dog woke me up to scratch his nose.

Just now (1 am onChristmas Eve) he had a long and fiercesome whining session. At first I could quiet him down by slowly bpetting, then almost falling asleep touching him. 

Whine starting again. 

Eventually he wiggled/slid/fell off the bed and seemed to collapse on the floor. I watched him, talked to him, queried him about needs and desires, but no response.  He eventually moved to another spot,curled up and now is sleeping.

For a fairly good dog reader,I’m failing him pretty badly at the moment. I wondered a minute ago if dogs can have seizures where the only symptom to us to whining.

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