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1/31 NEW

I’ve been entranced by this Improvised garter stitch blanket for a long time. It’s cozy, rather mindless, but with personal decisions being made whenever.  It’s been on my to-knit list for maybe 2 years.

Today, with sales abounding, I picked up 9 colors that I think will make a great blanket for me! I may need a couple more colors (maybe a total of 13?) but I’m not sure which ones? The purples were unattractive (not a purple person), but maybe another green and blue, pure white?, I don’t know?

If you are having trouble the colors are: black, natural, gray, tan, gold, spice orange, red, lime green, royal blue.

So this is a new project to work on this year. It goes with 4-6 pair of knit socks, and 2-3 knit tank tops. 

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