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6/30 SLEEP

Last night was a long night! 

It’s normal for me to toss and turn, dozing and waking for several hours before finally dropping into a deep sleep. Last night things got a lot worse

Imagine that you are relaxing and just about to slip into sleep when WHAM! Suddenly you have pain and tingling and a strong need to move your feet and legs. Pedal your feet back and forth, stretch your back, circle your feet, lie in happy baby Pose.

You are wide awake now.

Medically this is called restless leg syndrome. There is a genetic component, and it also is higher in those with type-2 diabetes (adult-onset diabetes). 

This has been my normal night for almost a year. I learned that 30 squats or toe raises, walking around the house or doing some yoga would give me some small relief. I’d just have to pray that I fell asleep before things started acting back up.

Finally my doctor prescribed gabapentin to work on the underlying nerve pain to let me get some sleep. The medication has a short half life: 4-5 hours before it wears off. And last night it wore off while I still trying to fall asleep.  

On top of tossing and turning I was pedaling, moving, twitching. I finally fell asleep about 5 am and stayed asleep for 3 hours. But my shin muscles and calf muscles cramped while I was sleeping.

My legs hurt, I’m tired, 

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