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Addition through Subtraction

This month I’m participating in The Subtraction Project, a method of creating space in our lives by clearing out the things that don’t add to my life. 

We started Wednesday, but I wasn’t quite feeling it. Our first assignment was to go through our shoes and delete those shoes that we just don’t love. Shoes we put off wearing, or can’t wait to remove. I knew which shoes needed to go, but I wan’t QUITE in the head space to do it. So I promised myself, I’d put any of the items off until the weekend, and just an hour long, dedicated Subtraction practice. 

This morning, I carried 2 pairs out to the donation pile and one pair to the trash. The two donated pairs were fitness shoes that I just hate wearing. A pair of Merrill Pace Gloves with the tongue fastened to the body; they have been hard to put on and just not comfortable. But they are almost brand new. Another pair has only been worn twice and again, I’m not thrilled wearing them.  The reason I’ve kept them is, of course, they were both so expensive. But they are gone. 

The third pair is a pair of Merrill Breeze clogs that are so comfortable I’ve worn them at least once a week for 2+ years. So the support has worn out. They need to be retired. And now they are. 

Other projects so far were to go through our dish towels (did that in January.) Go through our sheets and pillowcases and move them to a 1+ status. (The sheets on the bed plus one set to put on when the first ones are headed to the laundry). Last week, I bought new pillows so the linens were cleared then. 

Next, on my own,  I’m going through all my pens and pencil, tossing those that don’t work and those keeping only those that make me want to pick them up and use them. 

So what are you adding and subtracting from your life? 

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