20 Random Things I lLove

To go along with 20 things I hate,  I give you 20 Things I Love:

  1. Sunsets.
  2. The 4 pm breeze that kicks up almost everywhere.
  3. Steak. Broiled rare, hot and salty on the surface, cool and juicy inside.
  4. Raiku pottery.
  5. Lamb chops seasoned with lots of garlic.
  6. My dogs.
  7. The warmth of the sun.
  8. Baseball. Especially afternoon games.
  9. Lunch with friends.
  10. Stout.
  11. Fried chicken. 
  12. Water. The narrows of oceans moving in and out, spas, baths, Moving water moving over me.
  13. Dark chocolate 
  14. A belly-busting laugh.
  15. Red.
  16. Sleep.
  17. The perfect cup of coffee, hot, on a cool morning.
  18. Panaramic views.
  19. Giving hand made gifts
  20. Hamilton, the musical

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