Recently, I realized that I’m happy. Not happy because of something specific, or happy because of something acquired or attained really. Just happy.

Then I realized, I’m happy since the spouse finally retired and I can comfortably say that I’m living a retired life.

A lot of Boomers are celebrating their freedom, but many others are mourning their previous life. They’ve lost their identity, or limited it to Grandma or GrandPa. There seems to be uncertainty about day-to-day life and year-to-year life.

So I’m here to share my own. Maybe a shine a light on finding a happy place and cultivating it. Thinking about how I do it.

I’m 64. I’ve had a hip replacement and a shoulder repair. I’m overweight. I have a constant level of ache from arthritis and a buzzing in my ears. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar. So, it’s not that life is perfect.

Except that it is.

I can be reached at:


facebook: /debroby

twitter: @debroby

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