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9/30 Yellow

I can’t say that yellow is my favorite color. I don’t wear it, nor do I decorate it. The yellow car I owned was truly a lemon.  But yellow is a useful color if you’re an artist or crafter. While dyeing, mix a lemon yellow with a deep purple and and you get a gorgeous… Continue reading 9/30 Yellow

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6/30 SLEEP

Last night was a long night!  It’s normal for me to toss and turn, dozing and waking for several hours before finally dropping into a deep sleep. Last night things got a lot worse Imagine that you are relaxing and just about to slip into sleep when WHAM! Suddenly you have pain and tingling and a… Continue reading 6/30 SLEEP

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5/30 Emergency

It was just a few weeks ago. I had nearly fallen asleep when I heard a crunch, crunch, crunch noise from downstairs. Awake, I went to check it out. Jake was in the living room chewing on plastic container that had held some ant poison. We had had an invasion after a big rain storm,… Continue reading 5/30 Emergency

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13/31 #FiveMinuteFreewrite

Moon. There are nights in the summer when the air is still and warm and the moon is full. I go outside late in the evening and stand absorbing the cool white light.  Looking up st the moon, you can see the craters and plains crisp and bright. Will we ever live there? Or move… Continue reading 13/31 #FiveMinuteFreewrite

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Please (7/31 #5MinuteFreewrite)

PLEASE. This word depends so much on context and tone in order to interpret the meaning. Politely greasing the social wheels: Can you please… Begging for a moment’s silence: Can you PLEASE Requesting a partner’s assistance: Honey, can you please Sarcastic denial: Girl, please Soliciting the deity: GOD, please Manipulating: Pretty please I’m sure I could think of more examples if… Continue reading Please (7/31 #5MinuteFreewrite)