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Healing Slowly

I have been practicing a metabolic healing protocol for about 2 months now. I’ve pulled from several sources, so I can’t really provide a link or a lot of the supportive data in one place. Instead, let me explain that I lost weight post-menopause by restricting my calories below my basal metabolic rate which works… Continue reading Healing Slowly

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Revisiting The Path Community

I walked two miles this morning on our Community path.  It’s a nice paved path that runs up a valley, lined with open space and trees. If you walked the entire thing, it’s about 5 miles up and back from the town park at its base to the top and back again. Most people, though,… Continue reading Revisiting The Path Community

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Healing My Metabolism

I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that I’ve been following a protocol to heal my totally broken metabolism. A too-long period of under-eating and over-exercising left me broken, exhausted, fat, and prone to injury. I was binging, crashing, and feeling old. I started reading from a number of sources: Matt Stone,¬†¬†Jade Teta, and several others who… Continue reading Healing My Metabolism