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6/30 SLEEP

Last night was a long night!  It’s normal for me to toss and turn, dozing and waking for several hours before finally dropping into a deep sleep. Last night things got a lot worse Imagine that you are relaxing and just about to slip into sleep when WHAM! Suddenly you have pain and tingling and a… Continue reading 6/30 SLEEP

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Revisiting The Path Community

I walked two miles this morning on our Community path.  It’s a nice paved path that runs up a valley, lined with open space and trees. If you walked the entire thing, it’s about 5 miles up and back from the town park at its base to the top and back again. Most people, though,… Continue reading Revisiting The Path Community

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Break The Routine

After a tough, emotionally draining year that reached a peak with the murders at Pulse, I needed a break. Reacting to news, instead of acting in life was taking too much of a toll on my body and spirit. Fortunately, a friend offered space to come visit her up at Lake Tahoe. Her cabin, beautiful… Continue reading Break The Routine

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Healing My Metabolism

I mentioned on Facebook yesterday that I’ve been following a protocol to heal my totally broken metabolism. A too-long period of under-eating and over-exercising left me broken, exhausted, fat, and prone to injury. I was binging, crashing, and feeling old. I started reading from a number of sources: Matt Stone,¬†¬†Jade Teta, and several others who… Continue reading Healing My Metabolism

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Monday mosie

Walked our older dog along the town walking path this afternoon. Its slow, easy movement thats good for me, mind and body. Jake enjoys the sniffing. We walked the way back with a girl heading home from the high school. we had a pleasant chat, person-to-person. It wasn’t until later I realized how rare this… Continue reading Monday mosie