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5/30 Emergency

It was just a few weeks ago. I had nearly fallen asleep when I heard a crunch, crunch, crunch noise from downstairs. Awake, I went to check it out. Jake was in the living room chewing on plastic container that had held some ant poison. We had had an invasion after a big rain storm,… Continue reading 5/30 Emergency

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1/31 NEW

I’ve been entranced by this Improvised garter stitch blanket for a long time. It’s cozy, rather mindless, but with personal decisions being made whenever.  It’s been on my to-knit list for maybe 2 years. Today, with sales abounding, I picked up 9 colors that I think will make a great blanket for me! I may… Continue reading 1/31 NEW

#5minuteFreewrite · Life

13/31 #FiveMinuteFreewrite

Moon. There are nights in the summer when the air is still and warm and the moon is full. I go outside late in the evening and stand absorbing the cool white light.  Looking up st the moon, you can see the craters and plains crisp and bright. Will we ever live there? Or move… Continue reading 13/31 #FiveMinuteFreewrite


Priorities for 2017

With the dumpster fire that is 2016 coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking what I’ll hold as a priority in 2017.  First: Read books in my To-Read list on GoodReads. I have over 100 books listed there, many that make me happy when I read the title. I read about 30-40 books… Continue reading Priorities for 2017